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Serpiente Collection
Depicts the Quetzalcoatl Snake, on the different patterns and the color combinations of this piece.

Serpiente Collection

  • This is an exquisite and unique rug that a was passionately hand-crafted by Alex Mendoza and Family. Using an ancient weaving and dyeing technique developed by the Zapotecs. Every single piece is one of a kind. This miraculous piece will add a great accent to a home or studio. Each color is hand dyed using; Indigo plant (Blue Spectrum), Cochineal Bug (Red Spectrum), Wild Marigold (Yellow), Black Zapote Fruit (Brown Spectrum), Moss from woods (Beige), Pomegranate (Black), Huizache Seed (Black), Pecan (light brown) This piece will add great accent to a place, and you will receive a lot of compliments. 


  •  Piece also made to order in custom size, colors may differe since all colors are naturally dyed. 

    Size: 2 1/5ft X 5ft

  • Ships Within three days