Teotitlan Pillow Collection

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Teotitlan Pillow Collection


  • This is an exquisite and unique cushion cover that a was passionately hand-crafted by Alex Mendoza and Family. Using an ancient weaving and dyeing technique developed by the Zapotecs. Every single piece is one of a kind. This miraculous piece will add a great accent to a home or studio. Each color is hand dyed using; Indigo plant (Blue Spectrum), Cochineal Bug (Red Spectrum), Wild Marigold (Yellow), Black Zapote Fruit (Brown Spectrum), Moss from woods (Beige), Pomegranate (Black), Huizache Seed (Black), Pecan (light brown)


  • Colors may different since all colors are naturally dyed. 

    Size: 16"x16"

  • Ships Within three days