The Artist

Alejandro Mendoza has mastered the art of weaving using a traditional Zapotec weaving and dying technique. Each piece is carefully crafted using all natural dye pigments such as Cochineal (Red spectrum), Indigofera Plant (Blue Spectrum), Wild Marigold (Yellow spectrum), Huizache seed (Brown), Pomegranate (Black and Goldish-Green), Zapote Fruit (Brown spectrum) Moss (Beige), among other plants and vegetables, making every creation one of a kind. He learned these techniques through his father Taurino Mendoza at a very young age. However, as a teenager his family including him moved to the U.S. Nevertheless, he spent every summer vacation in his hometown, where he learned and mastered the art of weaving, and dyeing with organic pigments. Now you can meet Alejandro Mendoza at shows in Southern California, Arizona, and other Art shows in the U.S.




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